Choose the Right Dog Training Treats

Training your dog is easier with the right dog training treats. Whether you are trying to train your dog in simple obedience commands like “sit” and “stay” or you are training them to respond to hand signals to retrieve dog training treats are a necessity. It's advisable to start training your dog these simple commands when the dog is still a puppy. The older the dog becomes, the harder it will be to get rid of bad habits.



The question than has to be addressed which are the best treats to use.  There are some treats that are more preferential to dogs than others. Finding the right treat for your dog can be a hit or miss type situation and if you miss you might as well forget about the training session.


You dog has to love the treats for them to respond to the training. There are plenty of great commercially prepared treats on the market but you do not have to use commercially prepared treats to get the training that you want.


Simple training excercises for your dog like listening to your clear commands (inside your house but also outside), when to eat and where to sleep are very easily trainable. I’ll write another post about outside dog training but your dog should have its own place to sleep and feel comfortable during the day. You can think of a dog basket, dog house or just a nice comfortable (and indestructable crew proof) dog bed should be perfect. Just remember that your dog might grow to become large and the dog should be able to fit in it for the next few years...


What Does Your Dog Like?


Dogs are a lot like humans in that what is palatable for one may be ignored by another. Good treats for your dog may be not so good for the next dog. Before you invest in training treats ask yourself what your dog likes to eat.


What type of dog food do they enjoy? What type of human food kind of sends them over the edge when they smell it cooking? Hot dogs are a good bet if you want to try something that it inexpensive. Just cut the hot dog length wise to avoid a choking hazard and cut it into fourths than eighths and use them to coax your pet into doing what you ask.


Maybe your dog is not a big hot dog fan there are commercially prepared liver treats that are low fat that are a good bet. Most dogs will do just about anything for a piece of liver!  Ultimately it may sound strange but it does come down to their personal taste preferences.


Try a Few Different Treats


Try a few different types of treats to get started to see which one works the best. You will easily be able to tell when you find the “right” dog training treats. The wagging tale the undivided attention are all cues that you are right on with the dog treats.


Switch It Up


Once your dog gets used to one treat you may have to switch things up because they will get bored. Just like you would if all you could eat was vanilla ice cream when you wanted a treat. Keep a couple of different treats on hand during your training session it will help to hold the dogs attention if they think maybe there will be a new “surprise” waiting for them.


Watch the Amount of Treats


You do not want your dog to get too many treats during any training session. You have to make sure that they work for it and you have to be sure that they you do not go heavy on the fatty treats because it is not a very healthy option for them! If you like running, take your dog with your once in a while! Some dogs are made to run and it's great fun! Training treats are a necessity and are a great way to train your dog but do choose wisely!