Triathlon Basic Tips

Triathlon requires not just hard physical work but deep knowledge and great dedication as well. One needs not to prepare just the body but more so the mind. Many people who love running upped their training routines to prepare themselves for triathlons. In fact, ask anyone who frequently runs and swims and cycles what they want to do next and their answer would most probably be to one day join and if possible, win a triathlon event.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with aiming high. There even are some people who have never run their entire lives yet are interested in training for a triathlon. Well, if others can do it, then you probably can too with a lot of hard work and patience.


Have you always dreamed of joining a triathlon event? What is holding you back from your dream? Experts say that anyone who is in good state of health, mind, and body can run a triathlon. With a strict workout plan of 30 minutes three days a week for the first couple of weeks, you can make this happen.  Of course, you'll need a good (triathlon) road bike, proper clothing for running, swimming and biking (or combined clothing like a tri-short) and some more items like running and bike shoes and a swimming goggle. Find great tips about triathlons hereOnce you do find the courage to finally register for that upcoming triathlon event near your area, remember these things.


1.     Know what your goal is.

Do you know what makes winners win? More than just the physical strength to carry out all of the given activities, they know their goal. They are mentally prepared and are set to reach their goals by hook or by crook.


If this is your first time, do not go overboard, registering for a sprint of 15 miles is more than enough to keep you pumped up at the fullest. From this, you can start planning your workout. Remember that you have to build endurance and improve your health as much as possible.


It would also be helpful to check your BMI or body mass index. If it does not fall in the normal range, then you may want to make necessary adjustments first.


2.     Build your base.

Building your base is equivalent to core training. This is where most triathlon participants commonly make a mistake. They think that since it is a triathlon, they would have to run as much as they can on their first day of training. This almost always leads to injuries.


You have to condition your body including your muscles and joints for the hard work that lies ahead. How do you it? You make this possible by building up your stamina and strengthening up your core.


Start with a simple brisk walking/slow running routine first. On days when you are not scheduled to run, do some core training to strengthen those tendons, joints, and muscles.  Remember to take it all slow. You should never be in a hurry to do all these.


You can only take your training a level up after a week. With this being said, the increase in training intensity must only be 10%. This is a strict rule that everyone must follow. Otherwise, your body will make you regret it.


Another important thing to know in building your base is to have a rest week once a month. Otherwise, you are leading yourself to a total burnout which is extremely hard to recover from. In contrary to what was earlier believed, a rest week will make you come back stronger than before.


Triathlon experts and trainers say that first-time participants should dedicate anywhere from two to six months in building the aerobic base which could be achieved by either running or biking.


3.     Have a definite training plan.

Once you have successfully and properly built your base and strengthened your core, you can start proper training for all three sports including running, biking, and swimming.


What you can do is to train twice for each sport every week which equates to six days of training, the remaining day of the week should be your rest day to let your body recover. Some experts say that you can have as much as two rest days per week. You just have to make necessary changes in the schedule and may be squeeze in two sports in a day if possible.


4.     Load up on all things healthy.

In order to do all those we have said above, you have to feed your body and mind nutritious foods. Think healthy all the time. Forget those irresistible chips and ice cream. Remember that you need mental alertness and sharpness that you can only achieve that by eating normally and healthier.


Three months before the triathlon race, start eating more of real and unprocessed food to avoid inflammation throughout the body. Go for whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. A great thing to follow here is to get all the colors of the rainbow whenever you are at the supermarket.


Triathlete’s best friend is considered to be fiber-rich food because they are the main source for the healthy carbs which should give you the energy to push through with all the vigorous training.


5.     Train your mind.

Win or lose, you have to have a positive outlook and mindset. Go for the experience more than the medal. There will be other triathlons to participate in and you will surely get a medal soon. For now, enjoy what you are doing because once you become physically and mentally fit for a triathlon, you are already a winner.