Triathlon Training

A triathlon is a test of your endurance and your strength, but it is much more manageable than you might think. Many people wrongly assume that training for a triathlon is almost impossible. However, the fact is that no matter what fitness level you are, it is possible to whip yourself into shape if you train the correct way. As long as you have 12 weeks to dedicate to a triathlon training program, you have enough time to prepare even if you are not currently in optimal shape. You can still have a life and fit in a training schedule that will get you ready for what is waiting ahead.



What Gear Do You Need?

Before you begin your training regimen, you need to invest in the right gear. There is some basic equipment that you will definitely need during your training and when you finally get ready for your triathlon event. You will need a swimsuit, goggle, bicycle, cycling shorts and running shoes. This is the basic gear that will be needed, but you can always splurge on more gear or equipment if you feel that it will help you with your training.


To efficiently train and improve your complete shape, you should certainly invest in a heart rate monitor in combination with a GPS watch. 


Stay Committed

The biggest commitment that you will make to training for a triathlon will be of your time. This is especially true if you are not in peak physical condition starting out. You have to give yourself about 12 weeks of training to ensure that you can get your endurance and strength where they need to be without putting yourself at risk of injury. The worst thing that can happen is training and then suffering an injury during the triathlon. However, this can normally be avoided if you make a big enough time commitment to training beforehand. Once you start training, you need to keep training at least 5 times each week for about 6 hours total. The pride that you feel when you finally complete the triathlon will be well worth all the time you put into training.


Less Than You Might Expect

The time commitment of 6 hours each week might seem like less than you expected, but this is all it takes to get your body in shape as long as you spread your workouts over a 12 week period. Even during your biggest training week, you should not put in more than 6 hours. This means that the majority of your workouts will be just over an hour in length. Over time you will be able to build your endurance and your longest workout will be a bike ride of less than 2 hours.



Plan to Rest

Even though you have to get moving and get your body in shape for a grueling test of endurance, you still need to set aside some time for rest. Rest is an essential part of training, because your body needs time to recover from the strain that you put it under. As long as you stick to a firm training schedule that includes adequate rest. You should be fully prepared by the time your triathlon rolls around.