5 Awesome Afternoon Snack Ideas That Are Also Healthy

Snacking has a big impact on your health so choosing the right healthy afternoon snacks is important as choosing the right food you eat for every meal. If you get hungry in between meals, it is best to choose nutrient-rich food to snack on.


The reason why we settle for junk food for snack is that they look so appealing, fun and convenient. There are also fruits and vegetables that are easy to prepare, looks and tastes good, fun to eat and actually convenient to take to your workplace for snacks.


You are looking for healthy snacks that are part of your diet, nutritious and less sugar and unhealthy fat. This is hard to find with the convenient snack food you can find in the grocery and fast food section.


Here are some healthy afternoon snacks ideas:


1.     Nuts – You’ll never go wrong with nuts. Their high in fiber making them healthy and light snacks. You can do so much with nuts if you want variety. You can add dried fruits with it making your snack savory and sweet. For more varieties, you can have granola bar which is low in calorie. Nuts can also make great toppings to fruit parfaits for added taste and nutrients.


2.     Vegetables – There are a lot of vegetables you’ll love to have for your afternoon snacks. They’re healthy and convenient to prepare and take to your workplace, depending on how you want them prepared. Vegetables are rich in fiber and low in calories, so even if you eat more that will not destroy your diet, especially for weight watchers out there.


A stick of carrots plus dip for example, is one thing. You can also bake sweet potatoes and top it with cheese and ham. Cherry tomatoes are also healthy and fun to eat even in the afternoon.


You can also make vegetable smoothies which is even better because of faster intake. Don’t be afraid to mix your vegetables with fruits, or lean meat for variety in taste.


3.     Fruits – There’s no such thing as so many fruits in a day. Perhaps the most convenient snack you can ever pack to work for an afternoon snack is different kinds of fruits. Fruits are also rich in fiber, so no problem eating more.


Some ideas are, slice bananas, apples, or pears and dip it on a non-sweetened peanut butter or glaze it with honey or maple syrup if you have nut allergies. As simple as putting in oranges, grapes, apple, berries thrown in a bowl is already fiber rich, high in Vitamin C snack. You can top this with cream, non-fat milk or yogurt. Cherry tomatoes are great to be paired with cheese, so you might want to try that one too.


If you’re making snack food for kids, you can make fruits and vegetable kebab. All you need is a skewer and you can start enjoying fruits and vegetables on a stick with chocolate drizzle, which your kids will surely love more.


Another fun way is to substitute candies with frozen grapes or kiwis, even your kids will surely love this snack. Not only fresh fruits can make great healthy afternoon snacks, but sun dried fruits are also delicious.


4.     Smoothies – Fruits or vegetables smoothies are no doubt healthy snack food. Smoothies are pack in fiber and nutrients and it’s so easy to prepare. You only need a blender and your fruits or vegetables. You can even take this with you at work or when you go to the gym and perfect for an afternoon snack while at home relaxing.


The best thing about making your own smoothies is that you control how much sugar you put in it thus making it even healthier. You can even skip using sugar and substitute it with honey or maple syrup.


You’ll surely love berries, bananas, apples, pears, avocadoes and cantaloupes smoothies but be bold enough to mix two or three fruits to make a combo and achieve a unique blend in taste and nutrients. To make this even more nutritious, throw in some vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, green leafy or nutritious beets.


5.     Toasts – Choose non-gluten whole wheat bread and toast them in the oven. Adding fruits or meat on your toast will add more nutrition so don’t be afraid to add ham, bacon, cheese or fruits and vegetables, depending on your taste.  You can even glaze the toast with honey or maple syrup, depending on your taste.   


When you’re snacking, your goal is not to starve while waiting for the next meal so you won’t be eating too much then. Remember to also hydrate and consume your snacks in moderation.


There are so many other snack food that you’ll love, all you have to do is discover what would fit your taste palate and what would help you achieve your health and fitness goals. It is best to consult an expert or a nutritionist to better understand each food group and what benefit these foods can bring to your health and fitness