Staying In Shape With My Race Bike

A race bike is an adventurous investment for some. But for many, it can be a necessary investment. Heading to the gym with no end in sight to when you would actually finish with your exercising regimen can be outright boring. Walking or jogging around the same park or down the same lanes can be disinteresting and to a certain extent exhausting.


A race bike, to the contrary, can be as interesting as one intends to make it and the whole exercise of riding or racing miles will ensure that you remain in shape, almost forever if you don’t quit.



But staying in shape with a race bike is not devoid of all challenges. You will still need a plan, you must have conviction and perseverance. Here is how you can work on your staying in shape with a race bike.  

  • First, you should be motivated and then invest rightly. The motivation is going to be the key to succeed in your quest. You may go ahead and buy one of the nicest and coolest race bikes available in the stores but if you don’t have the motivation then the fascination with the new gear will die in some time. You may ride a hundred miles on your race bike but you may stop short of five hundred or a thousand. Regularity becomes mundane, with anything, and the first step to beat the possibility of your race bike becoming a mundane routine is to have motivation. Set targets. Tell yourself that you must finish two thousand miles in a certain period of time. Join a group or start a group with your friends or people you know, all of whom will ride or race together. Have an event as your objective or some racing competition where you would participate and aim for a win. Such attempts will keep you motivated.
  • Second, you must invest right, not just on a good race bike but also on the clothes, accessories and stuff. You need a good pair of shorts, shoes, socks, vests, knee caps, helmet, arm gear and performance monitors. You can buy a state of the art watch that tells the distance you have travelled, the altitude, the calories you may have burned and monitors your pulse. You may buy a heart rate monitor, strap it on and hook it to a smart phone app that tells you more about your tourney than you would know yourself. There is no dearth of such gears and accessories out there. Be sure to pick some up as that would ensure you are on the right path to stay in shape. Measuring performance is quintessential in knowing that you are making progress.
  • Finally, you should have an agenda, a well thought training plan that you won’t fail and very lucid objectives. Don’t overdo it but don’t do less than what you should. Change your routes, change timings if you want, have different destinations and different expectations on various days. What matters is that you get on that bike and ride out for miles before you think of a return.

Right now winter is coming so you'll see less cyclists on the roads. Cycling in winter is possible but you just have to think about some important issues. Cycling is a great cardio training and you'll benefit for your other sports like boxing or running. Anyway, enjoy cycling (in winter or not) and live extreme!