America’s Most Popular Ski Resorts

Skiing has gone from a well-loved hobby to one of the most awaited winter sports all over the world. In the olden days, people used to ski whenever they can for recreation. Today, people travel miles across the country and even across the globe just to experience the different ski experiences that ski resorts offer.


Now that it is once again winter time, people are getting their ski equipment ready for their next big adventure. While Switzerland is famous for being the winter original with landscapes picture perfect for skiing, United States does not fail to deliver.


Ski resorts have increasingly become popular in US that they have become a tourist attraction that have got people from all over the world flying in just to experience what it feels like to ski at some of America’s Most Popular Ski Resorts.


If you are already planning your next big ski vacation either with friends or family, here is a list to help you narrow down your choices:


1.     Beaver Creek Ski School & Resort, Colorado

Known as the Ivy League of Ski School, Beaver Creek (website) is more than just a ski resort, it is also a school where the whole family can learn how to ski the proper way with professional trainers who cater to both family and private lessons letting everyone to make the most out of their stay.


They are currently on their 34th season opening up just last November 26, 2014 with 589 acres and over 4 feet of snow. It is no wonder why Forbes named this the top ski resort for families. In addition, they have a large area for kids where safety is not in any way compromised. They even made it more fun for kids with a short gondola and some little faux gold mines in the trail.


2.     Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

This is famously known as the best skiing mountain in North America being situated near the Yellowstone National Park. Another great thing about this place is that it has got its own airport. So, if you are travelling from somewhere and wants to get the most out of your short vacation right away, this would be a perfect place.


The hotel is called the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and it has over 2500 acres of the best skiing place. Professional skiers flock this area because from the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, they can go to several other famous ski places with breathtaking view and offers a whole new experience each and every time. There is the Snow King, Grand Targhee, Teton Village, Wilson, and the town of Jackson itself.


More than that, guests will find a delectable variety of food offerings as this place has quickly become a culinary destination.


3.     Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Utah

Known as the powder paradise, Snowbird is highly accessible to tourists due to the Salt Lake International Airport. More than once, several snow sports website in North America named this one of the best with the most powder days outside of Alaska. It is said to get 600 inches of powder a year yet the snow comes down in a user friendly manner.


Best part here is that there is a neighboring resort called Alta which is equally good. In fact, you can explore these two resorts during your vacation as there are several lifts available for guests.


Another must-not miss in this place is the magnificent Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge which is designed by Paul Rudolph who is a famous glass and poured stone shaper.


4.     Ski Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, California

This is another family-friendly ski resort that also has a ski school. Ski Heavenly is known as the West Coast’s largest and most powerful snowmaking system. What this famous resort does is add some more to the several inches of natural snow through its snowmaking guns that efficiently does the job. As of today, there are 67 SMI Puma fan guns that bring snow to wherever it is needed to give tourists and locals endless ski paradise.


This resort is regarded as kid friendly with its mild climate, loads of sunshine, spectacular view, and many picnicking areas so parents can still bond with their children after trying out various slopes.


5.     Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado

Now what could be more charming for a ski resort to have the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop? Wait until you see the Telluride Ski Resort at night or in the afternoon and you will feel as if you are right at the Alps.


Because of this spectacular view with a ski mountain at your pleasure, Conde Nast Traveler voted the Telluride Ski Resort the number one ski resort for three years in a row already. Now, if you are a beginner or some of your vacation buddies would like to refresh their ski knowledge, this resort also offers lessons and guides on how to be more efficient in the slopes and have a better ski experience.


Another tourist attraction here is the gondola which makes it easy to travel to and from town.


Skiing has truly fast tracked its way to everyone’s hearts. It is a wonderful sport to better enjoy the cold winter months instead of staying at home watching movies and series reruns. More than letting tourists stay fit during vacation; it also makes bonding possible over families with lots of snow as the perfect backdrop.

Check out the website to find more details about the ski resorts. I've been going through many resorts and can't wait until I can go on skiing vacation again!