How Bad Are Soft drinks?

How bad are soft drinks? Well that was the short discussion I had with my son this afternoon. Lately he's been drinking quite a bit of soft drinks and I'm not happy with that. Of course he sports a lot and he won't become too thick because of that, but the fact is that soft drinks are just not healthy!

His reply: they are certainly not good for you but are they bad for you? Don't you just love that age... They are typically chock full of sugars that you can absolutely do without. They are also carbonated which can deplete calcium in your bones. Some studies suggest that the answer to how bad are soft drinks is very bad!


There have been some recent studies that link diet soft drinks to an increased risk of stroke. Some studies have pointed to the fact that there is an increased risk of kidney disease, increased blood pressure, obesity and a host of other very serious health concerns that are packed away in that soft drink can.


Can There Be Moderation?

The key to drinking soft drinks without suffering from any of the potential ill effects is to use moderation in the consumption of soft drinks How bad are soft drinks? The question is how many soft drinks do you drink in a week. Using moderation when consuming soft drinks renders them harmless.


If someone drinks a soft drink once in a while with dinner the odds are very much in their favor that they will not have any soft drink related issues.  If someone is drinking 2 liters of soft drinks everyday than it is very likely that they will be on the other side of the fence and prove all the research correct. Some studies have shown that drinking even one can per day can raise the risk for Type II diabetes by 28%.


Soft drinks should be treated as treats and not as a staple part of your diet. A study by Harvard Medical School that have followed large groups for decades and recorded the influence that daily soft drink consumption has had on their health have determined:


·      Men that consumed 1-2 cans of sugary drinks per day had an 20% overall increased chance of dying from a heart attack when compared to men that did not drink sugary soft drinks on a daily basis.

·      The chances of developing gout increases by a whopping 70% for those that drank sugary soft drinks each day according to the results after following 40,000 participants over a decade.

·      Soda may pose a unique challenge to maintaining healthy bones. The phosphate in soda depletes calcium effectiveness in bone health.


The Obesity Connection

The obesity connection is very real when it comes to the consumption of soft drinks People that reach obese levels get there with the help of soft drinks. It has been shown as the consumption of soft drinks increase the consumption of healthy options decrease. There is an inverse relationship between soft drinks and better for you healthier options like milk and water.  When soft drinks were first introduced they were served in 6.5 ounce bottles. Today soft drinks are purchased in bottles ranging in size from 12 ounces to 2 liters. It does seem as the bottle sized increased so did the average weight and the rise in obesity has risen right along side the bottle size.  How bad are soft drinks? Pretty bad, avoid them!