Getting Started with Boxing

If you are looking to get into shape, there are many different options besides the normal yoga or aerobic excise classes at your local gym. Boxing can be a great way to get both your body and mind in the best shape of your life. It allows you to push yourself to your limits and even learn crucial moves that will come in handy if you ever need to defend yourself from danger. Getting started with boxing might not seem like an easy process, but it is much more manageable than you might expect (learn more).





Here is some basic boxing information that you need to know before you get started that will help you make the most out of your boxing workouts:


Basic Equipment is Needed


Boxing is a sport that you can do on your own from the comfort of your own home. It is possible to take boxing classes from professionals, but you also want to have access to your own equipment. Having boxing equipment on hand at your home will enable you to work out and perfect your boxing skills. Practice is what makes perfect and you don’t need a lot of boxing equipment to get started.

For boxing training, a heavy bag and a speed bag are essential gear. You will also need a pair of boxing gloves (here) that are fitted perfectly, hand wraps, boxing protection and access to a full-length mirror. A full-length mirror is a more optional piece of equipment, but it will come in handy when you are trying to make your jabs perfect. You should also have a medicine ball and jump rope at your home to help you increase stamina and strength. Read this for more info about cardio trainings.


Developing Your Workout Routine


Creating your boxing workout routine is a process that takes time. If you want to learn a workout from a professional, it is possible to sign up for boxing classes. However, you can develop your very own boxing workout on your own without any knowledge or experience (read how). It is important to remember that you should always start your boxing routine with a small warmup workout. Jumping rope is the ideal way to get your body going and loosen your muscles that are used most during this form of exercise. Try to work up to a sweat before you even begin using the speed bag or heavy bag. This will help to get your blood flowing and allow your actual boxing workout to be most effective. Some chin-ups and sit-ups can also be a part of your warmup in addition to jumping rope.


Boxing Routine


Once your warm-up is over, you can move on to the actual boxing part of your workout. Try starting with a few rounds of shadow boxing using the full-length mirror. This will help you to focus on technique and overall body movement. You can then move on and start with the heavy bag for at least 5 rounds before switching to the speed bad to build stamina and coordination. Over time your skills and boxing technique will improve immensely.


Getting Serious?


After the first few boxing trainings and you've decided to continue boxing (yeah!) it's time to focus on some other aspects. To improve your physical strength and shape, you should pay attention to what you eat and drink. You can train as hard and long as possible, but if you keep on eating unhealthy (fat) snacks, burgers, fries and lots of soft drinks and alcohol, you'll never get the most out of your body! 


Be serious as a sporter and stop eating and drinking unhealthy. Eat nutritious, balanced food which improves building your body and mental state. Start with a healthy breakfast, good lunch and dinner. If you're really hungry in between meals, eat a healthy snack instead of a candy bar or fast food. 


Of course once in a while eating a burger or going out for a drink isn't too bad. It can even be good because the next day you'll focus even better on your trainings and food! Anyway, get ready for boxing and be healthy!