Healthy Evening Snacks

Eating in the evening does not have to be taboo. A lot of people mistakenly believe that they have to give up all evening snacks when they are trying to lose weight or when they have to watch their weight. You do have options for a healthy evening snack that is satisfying and that will not add too many calories to your diet.


Choosing wisely can help you avoid those middle of the night kitchen raids that occur when you go to sleep hungry. Your body does not need a lot of food after a certain hour but if you are hungry and go to sleep hungry you risk the midnight fridge raid trap. Especially if you're sporting in the evening, you might have regular evening hunger. 


Yogurt, Seeds and Nuts


There are a few things that you can snack on in the evening that will help you digest your dinner and sate your snack time hunger. Yogurt is an excellent choice. You can add some granola or mix in nuts and seeds to really get some bang for your calorie buck.


You can eat yogurt plain, you can eat nuts plain or you can snack on some seeds to quell the need for a snack without breaking your calorie budget.


Apples and Peanut Butter


Sometimes what your body needs is a heavy dose of protein apples and sugar free peanut butter is a good choice. Only eat half the apple (you can slice up the rest and put in a covered container in the fridge) because apples are on the sugary side and can keep you up at night. Slice up the apple and dip in two teaspoonful's of peanut butter.




When you sugar craving for something sweet in the evening just won't quit you can grab a bowl of low calories cereal with some skim milk. This is a filling snack that can also satisfy your sweet tooth. Choose a high fiber cereal that has a little flavor to it so you do not feel like you are depriving yourself.




Popcorn is a healthy evening snack that may even help you get a better nights sleep. There is some correlation with carbohydrates and the processing of tryptophan a sleep inducing hormone that you can also find in warm milk.  You can add seasoning to the popcorn to take it up a notch and make it more palatable. Add in Italian seasoning, hot chili pepper flakes or shake on butter substitute.


Strawberries and Bananas with a Bit of Whip Cream


Slice strawberries in half length wise cut a slice of banana and use a small shot of whipped cream to make a little strawberry, banana whip cream stack! It is a great way to feel like you are really having a treat without paying the high calorie price that treats can ring up.


Choose Frozen Yogurt Instead of Ice Cream


If your evening snack cravings are for something cold and creamy than make some frozen yogurtyourself and reach for it when you need a snack. A great healthy evening snack that really has the same texture as ice cream.




So now you've read a few good ideas for an evening snack which isn't full of carbs or fat. Eating healthy is a good way of life and everybody who sports should think about their food intake.