Motorcycle Vacation Tips

In our busy life, working a lot of hours, spending time with the family and be active by doing a lot of different sports, it’s sometimes difficult to find some time to really relax. Having a motorcycle and sometime taking the bike for a ride did just the trick for me. Even an afternoon or evening ride was already a great feeling. But going for a trip with some friends for a few days is even better!



A motorcycle weekend trip (more info) is probably one of the best short vacation opportunities you can take. It's also an excellent opportunity to create memories while traveling on the road. If you want to ride longer, than read my other blog post about what my friends and I are planning for next spring/summer. 


You can't just hit the road and expect the memories to start pouring in—no, it's actually important to plan your trip before heading out on a trip.


So, what's the best way to start planning your next motorcycle trip? Well, I've got some tips for you, so you can get started. Let's take a look at them!

Tips For Planning Your Next Motorcycle Weekend Trip


Motorcycle trips typically span hundreds of miles—but all of those miles can't be spent just aimlessly traveling around anywhere. I mean, just think of the fuel costs!

So, instead of aimlessly traveling, why not come up with a plan? If you have a plan, you won't be scrambling around – or even looking around – for opportunities to make your trip the best it could be.


Planning Starts With Learning What You Want


What do you want to do on a weekend trip? If you know, write it down. Knowing what you want to do on a trip helps you figure out the scope and the cost of the trip.


It also helps you figure out where you actually want to go. I mean, there are plenty of places to travel around the country. Think about one place you really want to visit and plan your ride around it. Or check out the internet and find some great routes in your area. 


Establish Rules About What You're Going To Cover


You can't cover everything—and, by everything, we mean miles and interesting sightseeing locations. Don't just travel the entire way in a day or two. Take your time. Your bike will thank you for it.


For example, plan to travel a certain amount of miles a day—like traveling about 200 miles a day during each day. Don't forget to plan around any trips or unexpected detours, so you'll know what to do during your daily excursions.


Make sure you have, more or less, planned the trip. Where to stay the night, which sightseeing you want to do and which routes you want to ride. A handy device is a motorcycle navigation GPS like the TomTom Rider or the Garmin Zumo 665 (more about motorcycle GPS devices here) in which you can program the best GPS waypoints and just follow the route. In that way you can’t get lost and you don’t have to fiddle around with maps. Of course there are other navs from Garmin and TomTom suitable as well.


If you're planning a long term trip overseas, you might need to use a bike rental service or a bike shipping service to get your bike shipped to your destination. Renting is easier for people who want to travel a long way that's too far from their home to just rely on their bike. Renting at a location of interest is easier if you want to start from one far away point and bike to the next.


Don't Ride If You Can't Ride


If there are certain distances you can't travel, don't ride. If you're not used to riding in certain climates, like blustery snow or hot desert heat, don't ride.


Simply put, it's better to know your limits on the road than to risk injury or worse along the way. Always take the time to plan your motorcycle weekend trip around your abilities. So, don't plan to trek up a mountain trail on your bike if you can't handle the conditions of the ride.


Going for a trip on a motorcycle and ride for several days in a row, can be quite exhausting. Make sure that you're in a shape that you can handle it. And make sure that the rest of the group is also in shape. Nothing is so annoying as one rider keeps on complaining that he needs a break every hour... If you sport a lot (like running, baseball, football) your condition should be no problem. 



Of course in the end the most important part of the trip is to have a good time with your friends and then, after two days, it will already feel like a full week vacation!