Scenic Motorcycle Routes on the US west coast

If you’ve been reading my blogs then you know that I do sport often. I like so many different sports like my morning runs, skiing in winter, etc. But, next to the family and work, that gives me quite a hectic life.

Therefore, I just need to take my motorcycle once in a while and go for a drive. Whether that is for just an hour in the evening, a weekend trip or a vacation. It’s a great feeling of freedom! Recently I’ve been discussing with some friends do go for a vacation motorcycle trip next spring or summer. I’ve been searching for the nicest routes and have found some, which I would like to share with you. Please let me know which you recommend to me!

All roads lead somewhere, but they do not all provide the same scenic views or backdrop for your motorcycle excursion. When you are riding your motorcycle, you are looking for roads that offer something special or different from the norm. This means that finding the most scenic motorcycle route takes a little bit of effort.

There are simply some roads that were made for a motorcycle to be driven on. It isn’t just the scenery that you are looking for, but also a route that provides you with vistas, turnouts and a smooth patch of tarmac. Trying to choose the best or most scenic route is pretty impossible, because there are so many different options to choose from. However, these are a few of the routes that simply have to be seen to be believed. Get your motorcycle revved up and begin your journey on these special roads.

Pacific Coast Highway

This route stretches 1700 miles in total and is the perfect road for any motorcycle enthusiast that enjoys the perfect backdrop. Along your journey you will be sure to see a little bit of everything that is visually appealing from beaches and cliffs to views of redwood forests and sleepy seaside towns. There will be no shortage of sights to keep you occupied and interested on what’s ahead. You can take it fast or take it slow and savor all the views along the way. What could be a more perfect route for your motorcycle trip?

Appalachian Mountains

There is a stretch of road from Royal, Virginia to Deal’s Gap in North Carolina that is about 770 miles in length and one of the most perfect routes for any bike enthusiast. If you love looking at breathtakingly beautiful mountains, then this trail is for you. You can start your trip through Shenandoah National Park and then have part of Tennessee backcountry as your view as you continue. There will be some major curves and some unmistakable sites along the way that will make you wish you ride never ends.

River Road

River Road in Big Bend Texas is about 120 miles long and allows for viewing pleasures that you have never witnessed before. You will have smooth pavement along the way to make for an easy ride, but your views are out of this world. You will get to see mountains, canyons, badlands, stunted forests and even get to take on a 17 mile loop. There isn’t a single sight that you won’t get to take in on this route.

Riding your motorcycle is a relaxing experience that allows you to take in all that nature has to offer. This means that you need to find and conquer the best routes in the US to ensure that you can say you’ve really seen it all. These routes have everything that you are looking for and so much more. From mountains and beaches to twists and turns you will be on the ride of your life.

So, there are three which I think are interesting to ride next spring/summer. Still have to tell the family ;) but sometimes you just have to live a bit to the extreme!