What is Cardio Boxing Training?

Cardio boxing is designed for fitness enthusiasts that are really looking for an intense workout. It is a form of exercise that involves both cardiovascular and endurance. If you are looking to improve your stamina, strength, speed and coordination, cardio boxing is just what you have been looking for. It is not really for fitness beginners, because the workouts can be pretty intense. However, you can progressively kick cardio boxing workouts up a notch once you get used to the pace.



Purpose of Cardio Boxing


This type of boxing is unique and designed to promote improved physical fitness by combining strength training with endurance. It is a new twist on simple boxing techniques that is designed to give you a full workout with an adjusted heart rate. This means that a typical cardio boxing workout involves 10 to 20 minutes with an age adjusted heart rate. After the cardio portion is done, you finish with 20 more minutes of actual boxing techniques (more info here).



What do you need?


The purpose of cardio boxing training isn’t really to improve boxing techniques but mainly to increase the condition. With the fun of boxing and the heavy gloves, it’s a great way to get a fit shape. In the beginning you don’t really need boxing gloves but after a few sessions you could increase the intensity of the cardio sessions a lot by wearing boxing gloves. Since the boxing gloves are quite heavy, you make it more difficult and will strengthen your arm muscles. You can find gloves from brands like Grant worldwide, Cleto Reyes and Everlast.


Cardio Side of Fitness


The only way to really gauge how effective any fitness program is, requires you to measure your heart rate. This means that you have to find out what your safe adjusted heart rate based on age should be. You want to work out with an increased heart rate to get the most out of your exercise, but you also want to ensure that the heart rate is still at a safe level. It is always a good idea when you are first getting started with cardio boxing to only keep your heart rate at an adjusted level for up to 10 minutes. As you become more familiar with this type of exercise and build up your endurance, you can move up to 20 minute cardio boxing workouts. Just start slowly and use different cardio exercises to get your heart rate to the desired level. 


Cardio trainings are always good when you do another sport. For instance, if you like to play baseball, run a marathon or like skiing, a good and fit shape is very important.


Boxing Side of Fitness


When you are ready to begin boxing, you have to start with your stance. This means that you should take the posture that a boxer takes before and after every action. This means that your feet should be about shoulder width apart and keep your left foot slightly in front of the right. Make sure that your knees are bent and remember to keep your elbows close to your body. Your head should always be at eye level and all of your punches should be thrown quickly. Cardio boxing is only effective if you have the right technique and form.




Punching is a crucial part of cardio boxing and needs to be done accurately. Make sure that you switch up your stance so that each side gets the same amount of attention. You do not want to focus on left jabs more than your right. You will be able to develop speed and endurance over time as you gain more experience and practice. It is not easy to master all aspects of cardio boxing right away, but with practice you will learn. 





You can find a lot of youtube videos on the internet about cardio boxing. Check this out:


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