Winter is coming: skiing vacation!

What to Look For In Your Next Ski Vacation


Winter is coming! The winter months often get a bad rap.  Between shorter days and cold temperatures, people often spend their winter patiently waiting for spring.  Instead of just waiting, why not try to make the most of winter? 


One thing that comes with winter also is the skiing and snowboarding season.   These are exciting sports, which many individuals and families love, and are an exciting way to turn all that snow into an adventure.


Whether you are new to the sport, or are an extreme expert, there are certain things worth looking into before you plan your next ski vacation.  Lets take a look at a few of the things worth considering before your next trip out.


Get into shape!


Skiing and snowboarding are active sports for which you need some basic condition. If you have an office job, barely do any sports, you are likely to get an injury. And the last thing you want to happen is getting an injury on the first day of your skiing vacation! 


If you don't sport or barely do any sports during the year, start (or increase) some basic condition training. Start a few month in advance and not the week before your vacation. The best is to start 3-4 month before the vacation with slow basic cardio training to get the body moving. Slowly increase the intensity of the training and you'll be in the best shape when your vacation starts. In that way you can fully enjoy your skiing the whole day and the whole week! 


If you're already sporting during the year: that's great! Staying in shape by any sporting activity is healthy and will make sure that you can ski or snowboard from early morning until the last lift up! Like me, I play baseball and run quite regular and my basic condition is certainly good enough for some proper extreme skiing!


Learning Programs and the Bunny Slope


We begin this brief guide where everyone begins when they first learn to ski or snowboard, the bunny hill.  Getting good at skiing is usually considered a day long affair, where you build the coordination to become effective at going down hill without immediately falling down.  If this is your first time, or you are going with family who will be learning, it may be worth checking into the condition of the bunny slope(s).  How many starter slopes are offered?  Is there a class that you or someone coming with you can take?  Is there any guidance provided by your chosen skiing destination?  Choose carefully and have a great time either learning, or helping others learn this amazing sport.


Variety of Slopes


If every slope is a black diamond, then this is perfect if your skiing level matches that.  If you like skiing different kinds of slopes or are going with other people who vary in skill, then having variation in your ski vacation will be paramount.  While most skiing destinations will have at least one of every kind of slope, it may be worth checking out the quality and condition of the slopes before leaving.  Go to third party forums and see what people like you think about the quality of the slopes over the course of the winter.  Remember, even the most majestic slope will mean nothing if it is little more then a sheet of ice.


Other Winter Sports Options


Do you love to Curl?  Is snowshoeing something you can’t live without?  When planning a long ski vacation, taking these things into consideration early on can mean the difference between an ok and great vacation.  Many larger ski slopes will also offer other sports like snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.  See what these destinations offer before you decide by checking out their website.  


Surrounding Town


Depending on the length of your ski vacation, you may want to spend some time doing something other then skiing.  For many, this includes touring the local town, seeing the sites, and generally taking in the snowy atmosphere.  Before heading out on your next ski vacation, take a moment to look at the towns and surroundings.  Is there enough going on to keep you and others entertained?